Apparently there’s a new straight to DVD documentary coming out about Carmelo Anthony called “Carmelo’s Way.” For those who don’t know, he’s all of 26 years old, and, while I certainly have a soft spot in my heart for him (again, for those who don’t know, in his one year playing here at Syracuse, he was part – arguably the most important part, but by no means the only one – of the team that brought an NCAA National Championship here in 2003, before I knew you all), and he’s got a somewhat interesting story (from being born in Red Hook to “Life on the Streets” in Baltimore to NBA multimillionaire), I’m not sure he rated a documentary. But it’s an important video because in it ‘Melo calls his time in Syracuse the best time of his life (so if you have a business, you should think about relocating it here to bring us jobs and give yourself the life that you so richly deserve), stating that “[w]e were The Beatles up there.”

I’m not only glad that Carmelo liked it here, but am also pretty impressed that a 26-yr old kid knows who The Beatles were, and understands their importance. And, along those lines, I’d also postulate that the 2003 National Championship team is (in Central New York, anyway), more popular than Jesus Christ. Hell, at 5-2 and coming off last week’s win at West Virginia, even football coach Doug Marrone is more popular than Jesus Christ around here (at least until SU loses to Cincy on Saturday). But then, what has JC done for us lately, anyway?

I was kinda bummed that the site was down yesterday, ‘cuz I wanted to mention that Dallas lost yet again, dropping to 1-5, and basically stinking up the NFC East. So, I’ll mention it today. Sorry Tony Romo got hurt (not really, actually, but, as a human being, I hate to see another human being suffer, and I suppose I can stretch the definition of a human being to include a Cowboy).

Oh well, time to head out and try and get some more work done on the new house. Cable and Internet ordered yesterday, new washer and dryer ordered this morning (all should be hooked up next Tuesday), pellet insert hopefully to be delivered by the end of this week, and hopefully at least a fair amount of shit to be moved by next week. Way too much to do, so I’m trying not to think about it.