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Air America Radio began in April, 2004, with an eclectic collection of what would become some of the most intersting and innovative radio (liberal or otherwise) on the airwaves. The jewel in the network's crown was, of course, the morning show featuring Marc Maron, Mark Riley, and some of the most creative (and somewhat disturbed) cast of character ever assembled.

Of course, all good things must (for some reason) come to an end, and Air America began killing the things that made it great, including Unfiltered, Morning Sedition, the Marc Maron Show, Majority Report, and the daily version of the Sam Seder Show. Air America is gone now, but the Morning Seditionists are still here, and we're not going anyplace.

Welcome Morning Seditionists

Good Morning philosopher kings and queens, working class heroes, progressive utopians with no sense of humor, lurking conservatives.... Welcome to the refuge of displaced morning seditionists.

Sedition Radio

Sedition Radio is a continuous Shoutcast stream of comedy bits and interviews from Morning Sedition and The Marc Maron Show. These clips come from the unofficial Morning Sedition archive, and include favorites such as Sammy the Stem Cell, Mort Milfington, Lawton Smalls, Bruce Cherry, Pendejo, the Liberal Confessional and lots, lots more. You can tune in to Sedition Radio here.


On September 1st, 2009, Marc Maron launched a twice-weekly podcast called WTF. Punchline Magazine writes

If you have haven�t been checking out Marc Maron�s podcast WTF, you�re doing yourself an incredible disservice.

In each episode, he welcomes comedian friends � past guests include Jim Gaffigan, Caroline Rhea, Todd Barry, many more � as well as authors, musicians and other well-respected creative types. These stellar chats are framed by Maron�s musings on society, politics and of course, himself.

Visit to download current and past episodes, buy WTF swag, and donate to keep the podcast going.

The Marc Maron Show ~ Here We Go Again

AAR, in its infinite wisdom, pulled the plug on the Marc Maron Show. The final show aired on Friday, July 14, 2006. AAR reportedly made an offer for Marc to return to doing the morning show on the network, but after being screwed over twice and making two cross-country moves, Marc declined their offer, which apparently didn't offer a hell of a lot in terms of financial incentives. I believe Marc's exact words were, "Fool me once, shame ... shame on ... you. Uh........ Fool me � can't get fooled again!" Check out our blog for the latest news, and join us in wishing Marc and Jim the best, in whatever happens next.

Blog Away

Feel free to use the blog here as a way of keeping in touch with all of your Morning Sedition blog friends, or to make new friends with folks who like to mix politics with humor. You'll need to register to post comments, but an added benefit will be the ability to ban, block, kick, and otherwise expunge those annoying, nattering, juvenille trolls that pop up from time-to-time. There's no shortage of idiots in the world, of course, but we'll be better able to stay on top of things here. The blog has turned out to be the most active part of this site. There are lots of nice people, so feel free to come in, and tlak politics or Maron, or whatever eles you want.

The End

December 16, 2005 will, I believe, mark the end of the dream that was Air America Radio. Danny Goldberg, whether he meant to or not, whether he's evil or just plain clueless, has done what the right-wing noise machine and Bush apologists couldn't. [more]

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